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Integrated Development Consulting

Empowering People to Build Successful Organizations

At Integrated Development Consulting, we understand that the whole organization
is greater than the sum of its parts, and that all the parts must be effective and work
together to achieve success.

We partner with nonprofit executives, board members, staff and volunteers to provide
capacity building assistance that makes organizations function more smoothly.

We . . .

* SUPPORT THE PEOPLE in your organization who make it all happen

* CUSTOMIZE OUR WORK to meet your needs

* USE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE training, facilitation and coaching strategies

* WORK AT ALL LEVELS of the organization to help you get the best results

* ASSIST YOU in integrating program and fundraising to help achieve your mission.

At Integrated Development Consulting, we can help you with planning, membership and board development, and communication.

* Is it time to give careful thought to your organization’s vision and strategic direction?

* Do you need to maximize your major donor support?

* Would your fundraising benefit from better cultivating donors and moving them into your major donor pool?

* Do you need to build your membership program to diversify your funding, build credibility, and otherwise support your mission?

* Would your organization benefit from increased board participation?

* Do you need a better development plan and clearer message to meet fundraising targets?

* Would you benefit from coaching to enhance job and life satisfaction?”

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of the questions on this page or are concerned about other organizational development issues, please call us at 801-953-1925 and as for a FREE half-hour consultation to determine how we can help you maximize your effectiveness and facilitate your organization’s success.

Amy O’Connor
Integrated Development Consulting
1115 W Mead Ave
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104

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