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What can I do to help your organization be more successful? 

"The value of hiring a consultant/coach goes beyond drawing on additional expertise and best practices regarding organizational development.  It provides you with a guide when the going gets rough, a partner to help solve problems and overcome inevitable challenges, and an objective, empathetic listener to facilitate you and your team charting new paths and arriving at the best possible outcomes for your organization."

Amy O’Connor

I provide coaching and facilitation to help nonprofit leaders in these areas:

Strategic Planning


Major Donor Stewardship



Strategic Planning


  • Coach to help you think through the process, draft stakeholder questionnaires, trouble-shoot challenges, act as a sounding board

  • Facilitate a complete process including internal and external scans with stakeholder interviews, facilitated board/staff retreats, and coaching along the way.


Planning and implementation

  • Jump-start new development directors and executive directors to get up to speed as quickly as possible using best practices for putting in place fundraising systems that work

  • Assist experienced development directors and executive directors by providing a fresh look at their systems and processes

  • Save you time by helping with the nuts and bolts of creating a fundraising plan; helping systematically think through your major donor strategy; writing copy for fundraising appeals; creating an institutional memory for your fundraising systems so that your fundraising strategy survives staff changes; leveraging your time and making you that much more efficient in your fund- and friend-raising work.


Major Donor Stewardship

strategic Advising

  •  Create a systematic plan to cultivate and ask major donors

  •  Overcome the fundraising syndrome: "we don't know anybody with money" 

  • Provide guidance to your team in both friend-raising and fund-raising

  • Support the staff and board in overcoming the fear of asking



recruitment, cultivation, and retention

  • Assist in developing membership plans that are strategic, engage supporters and ask for support appropriately

  • Review and advise on current membership practices for recruitment, cultivation, and retention

  • Provide or edit fundraising copy to bring a compelling message to members/supporters

  • Review and personalize outreach materials